Tips for Finding a Bail Bond Company


You always thought it wouldn’t happen – until it did. A loved one has been arrested, and you need to keep him out of prison. If the judge recommended bail but you have no money post it, you can approach a bail bond company. Not all of bondsmen are the same, however, so you have to do a little homework finding the one that’s right for your loved one.

Here are tips to help you select a reputable bail bonds van nuys company:

Lawyer Referrals

Bail bondsmen that work with defense attorneys get a reputation for excellent work. Ask your defense attorney for recommendations. When the company learn that you have been referred by your attorney, you will get a discount (typically 8%) and you can save some cash.

Court Referral

When a judge decides on a bail amount, the court will usually provide a list of bail bondsmen you can approach. Like attorney-referred companies, these bondsmen also have stellar reputations and are always working with the court.

Detention Officers

Detention offers are also good sources of bail bondsman referrals, so don’t forget to be nice to them. With their direct involvement in the system, they know which companies are worth considering, and they may even be able to suggest lowering the bail amount. So yes, treat your detention officer or officers with respect as they can help your loved one while he’s inside.


If you must use a bail bondsman’s services and more information, be ready for the cost, which is about 10%. Yes, that’s a cost you have to pay, but it’s quite small compared to the relief of not having to produce a huge sum on the spot. Upon posting bail, your loved one will be able to leave prison. Bondsmen have different fee structures, so research a little to know which one is most convenient for you.

Upon knowing that a specific company has an inexpensive fee structure, you may automatically conclude that it is the right one for you. The problem is, they may not have the experience that more reputable companies do. Of course, with enough experience, they cannot have a good reputation. They may be counting on false advertising. They could be violating the law.

Online Reviews

Before you choose a bail bondsman, read reviews on it online. These are testimonials of people who have actually worked with the company before, so they can give you an accurate picture of what it’s like based on their own experience. Very importantly, these are people who used to be in the same situation as you or your detained loved one. Just be sure to stick to third-party consumer websites, instead of marketing sites where you will mostly find fabricated reviews.

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